Tenor Violin

This is an one of a kind custom instrument... a little larger than a viola, shown above with a violin. It is tuned an octave below a violin, so it plays notes otherwise only played by a cello. Because it lives outside of the strict hierarchy of violin family... violin / viola /cello / bass... it has a very unique sound.
It was made by Lloyd Craighill, an Amherst college physics professor. His hobby building instruments outside of the normal sizes, and tunings.

The back and sides are a beautiful birds eye maple, which is difficult to work with, and very unusual for a violin.

Lloyd made the instrument out of wood from a huge old maple tree that had blown over in a storm. The tree was a couple hundred years old, and was growing in front of the 300 year old church where he sang in a choir.

Turns out to be the same church that both my parents and myself were married in. It is a very special instrument for me... and has brought me much good luck.