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Solo Albums

page7_1 Craig Eastman - Pepper Peg

page7_2 Bedtime Fiddle - Fiddle Lullabies

page7_3 View of the Valley - solo live concert

Band Albums

page7_4 The Sundogs - Blues Comes a Shakin'

page7_5 The Cousin Lovers - Your Therefore Experience

Film Scores

page6_1 Beach Kings

page6_2 Skid Row

page6_3 The Devil Within

page6_4 Black Hawk Down

page6_5 Brokeback Mountain

page6_6 Pirates of the Caribbean

page6_7 Biker Boys

page6_8 Thief

page6_9 An Everlasting Piece

page6_10 King Arthur

page6_11 The Alamo

page6_12 American Dreamz