craig and isabelle in studio

Throughout his career Craig has continued to share his joy of music by teaching others.

Teaching as an art form... each player has a unique set of talents and interests. Craig molds his teaching to the individual in unique ways, using his creativity, knowledge, and experience.

Besides teaching from his Los Angeles studio, Craig also works with students who live outside of the area via SKYPE. This exciting method allows Craig to teach people from many distant places.

If you are interested in working with Craig please
contact him here.

A few words from past students:

'My gratitude and admiration for Craig Eastman really can't be expressed in a couple of sentences! But in short, Craig is a unique and inspiring teacher. He focuses on aural and oral learning and interplay early in the student's development, which for me meant falling in love with music immediately, and being able to make music on a real level with other musicians - even before I had developed much sight reading or repertoire. Craig's teaching, and especially his focus on improvisation, is totally at the core of all the music I do today.'

Caley Monahon-Ward

'I am a beginning ukulele player. I am doing well in class but felt lost when the instructor spoke about majors, minors and music theory. Craig Eastman helped demystify music theory. Through simple exercises on Skype, Craig made learning easy and convenient. The quality of learning materials and instruction made it quite an enjoyable experience.'

Paula Tarantino

'Time.. that's what it takes to learn the fiddle! How to best make use of that time? Well, for me, after many years of 'playing the fiddle', I had Craig Eastman show me, in a very short time, approaches and things that I could apply over the long term time. He helped make me more of a 'fiddler'.  He is an expert teacher, and one I benefited greatly from, one I would recommend to anyone trying to improve their playing in a short time so they and their listeners could enjoy better fiddle music for a longer period of that time. You want to get better? Go see Craig Eastman.. He made me a better player.'

John McEuen - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band